California Video

I cut together this little video from a vacation Sylvia and I had in California in march. I shot the footage with my Nikon Coolpix stills camera (it does 15 frame per second, half resolution video with no sound). I love the 8mm effect from the lower frame speed, the stepping aperture and progressive capture. I also like the fact that if something can capture an image than you can make a film. I'm curious now to try to make a little film using only a digital stills camera...



JCasual said...

hey mark and sylvia

your video was wonderful. it made me smile when i watched it. you both look like you enjoyed california and each other! hope you take lots more vacations and make more video's. we can all use a smile. isn't life gooood?

cheers, wendy

upssidetown said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.