Bernard Herrmann!

This is one of my favourite docs on filmmaking. If you are interesting in music for films then you won't find a better documentary...

It is well worth the purchase for your collection:


The Oscars...

I'm not one to get caught up in the Oscars and this year proved to be another reason why. This had to be one of the worst shows I've seen and it even made me a little angry at times. Did they need to spend a half of an hour heaping praise on actors and actresses at the expense of time for the 'lesser' artists? They cued the music with such uncaring precision until someone 'important' came out. Were the actors and actresses not embarrassed at all the praise bestowed upon them while diminishing everyone else? Even the best picture was rushed out due to this shameful waste of time.

I've also taken offence at people referring to Cinematography, Editing, Sound, Makeup, Costume, Visual Effects and Art Direction as 'craft' or 'technical' awards. Sorry to break it to you all but acting is a 'craft'. If by 'craft' I mean 'art' then ok. These 'craftsmen' (and women) are all great artists coming together for a common purpose - the story. Give me an actor without a script then I will give you dead air. The actor applies their craft to enhance the words on the page. They give nuance. They provide emphasis. They imbue emotion. That is their craft.

Not to diminish them... The actor is courageous for putting themselves out there and 'Precious' is a perfect example of this. Sandra Bullock may have won the Oscar but it was a pretty safe role for her. Gabourey Sidibe had the courage to perform in an unflattering role and that is worthy of great praise. Mo'Nique too, wow.

At the end of the day it isn't about the actors, directors, cinematographers or anyone else. It is about the film. It's about the story. We are all slaves to it. We should be slaves to it. It isn't about the filmmakers or the actors, it's about a story that transcends the people who made it and it's about the audience who empathizes with it and are transported by it. The awards celebrate a job well done and they recognize the stars aligning (real stars). The good fortune of everyone involved is due to the collaboration of many great artists.