Shy Guy

I love the subtext of this film. Conform!


Robbo said...

How very Dale Carnegie.

There was a U.S. kids TV series in the '90's called "Pappy Land" that was surreal and bizarre and wrong on so many levels. One segment had this nice little song about a hen and her chicks with the prevailing chorus of: "Keep in line!" - and they meant it literally.

This shit might seem quaint and old fashioned but there's still lots of like-minded folks out there who would love nothing better than a world peopleed with everyone who acted the same and were always willing to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Also, it reminds me of Leave It To Beaver - and how much I like Eddie Haskell for being such a subversive weasel.

Robbo said...

I also like how it's Dick York, the original Darren from Bewitched, as the "Gosh, Dad." befuddled shy guy.