Special Effects

We had a spectacular electrical storm last night.

Take that Industrial Light and Magic.

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Robbo said...

Great shots. I posted a crappy little video from my iPhone of the clouds rolling over our house. The image captured was nothing like the reality before the eyes.

The camera shows some scruffy blurry shit while the image darts around in the hand of an over-excited owner who can't stop saying such profound things as: "Holy shit, look at that!".

The reality of that sky was better than any Speilberg clouds you'd ever see on the screen. A racing wall of boiling blacks and gray with an ominous lumiscent green haze emerging from the middle signifying the fury that lay just beyond.

Wonderful to watch from afar - terrible to endure. People got hurt and people died and that takes away any glee in the spectacle. At the same time you are absolutely correct in asserting now matter how imaginative or technically proficient we may become at re-creating reality we'll never trump nature.