In Teh Toobs

My good friend Rob Mills has launched a new internet series called 'In Teh Toobs'. Rob has been a familiar voice on this blog and I have learned much from him over the years. One of my first jobs in the film industry was working for Rob on an ambitious, independently-minded project called 'Land O' Hands'.

Rob is a television maverick in his own right. He came out of the trenches of 'Fraggle Rock' and feature films such as 'Labyrinth' and 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' (can you believe the Turtles are back!?). He then started his own ventures with 'The Big Comfy Couch' 'Rufus the Dog' and 'Amigo and Me' (rumour has it that he used to interview people in his bath robe to work in his garage). His love of technology and his rebellious idealism makes for a perfect combination in his self-produced, directed, edited and performed 'In Teh Toobs'.

Anyone who makes films can attest to the difficulty of trying to do it all yourself. Rob loves to laugh, create, dream and procrastinate (weekly webisodes?). I look forward to the coming episodes of 'In Teh Toobs' and would love to share a link to the first episode (there is a prologue as well).

You can see him on 'In Teh Toobs'.


Robbo said...

Procrastinate? Me?!

I'm desperately trying to get the next episode done. All excuses aside - the only thing that's hard about working all by yourself is you have no one to blame but the asshole in charge.

Next episode before the end of this week - I promise!

And thanks for posting about it.


Ted Brunt said...

Rob is teh awesome!

Nicolas Henri said...

I remember you talking bout Land O' Hands way back when...