The Business of Screenwriting in Canada

The Legion of Decency has posted a frank and candid criticism of doing business in Canada. Suffice to say that most people in the film and television business have been used or abused in some form or another at some point in their career. There are many scoundrels who have left a path of unpaid invoices, poor working conditions, poor wages (pocketing your fair share), lack of benefits and sick days. It seems to come part and parcel in an industry like ours. Doesn't mean that you shouldn't do or say anything...

I have worked for some upstanding folks as well - they just don't seem to last as long.

(I had to look up the word benefits - I'd forgotten how to spell it)

Go have a gander and shake your fists.


jimhenshaw said...


Thanks for the kind words and the link. There will be a lot more on this topic coming over the next few weeks over at the "Legion".

My hope is that it will encourage a few more "veterans" to speak openly and help us all get out of the mess Canadian film and TV is in and toward an industry that works better for everybody.

More importantly, thanks for all the cool stuff you're doing here. I've only read 3-4 of the posts today, but they're great and I'll definitely be back.

Thanks again,


Mark said...

Thanks Jim,

It's good to see someone having the courage to stand up and disagree with the establishment. In a country so regulated it's baffling when you see how much nepotism and back scratching is going on (I'm sure you could find more fitting phrases for it).