Sylvia and I bought a house yesterday! We were toying with the idea and then dived in head first. Needless to say, it was a very exciting weekend.

Debt is a funny thing. One minute you are worried about ridding yourself of it then the next minute you are signing a significant part of your life away to it. It is all a part of the game of life I suppose. Nothing is permanent. We work so that we can be comfortable. Some people will scoff at this apparent truce that we play with life, comfort. Comfort isn't a bad thing but stagnation is. To stagnate or become 'set in your ways' is what is what we should fear.


Mark Mayerson said...

Congratulations! Buying a house is the smartest thing I ever did. Pay it off as quickly as you can and you're sitting on the biggest asset you'll ever have, unless you move up to an even more expensive house.

I'm enjoying your entries, Mark. Keep it up.

Mark said...

Thanks Mark. It's a great way to share ideas and explore new ones.

Henry Brock said...

Wow! Fantastic news!!

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