Christine Fellows!

Christine Fellows is releasing a new album February 1st, 2011 and I thought I'd introduce her on the blog.  Her music is eclectic and strange, wonderful and melodic.  The best compliment is that she is a true original.  I've often derided her hometown Winnipeg over the years.  I went through the city year after year as a teenager and could only remember the extreme cold, the extreme humidity and the goddamn mosquitoes.  What could possibly come out of such a wretched place?

Christine Fellows!

Her wikepedia entry has her born in Windsor and living in other wonderful places so maybe Winnipeg is still wretched, but blessed with immigration.

Of course, she isn't the only talent beating from the 'heart of the continent'.  The Weakerthans and Guy Maddin are providing more than enough creativity to put the rest of the country to rest.  Unique. Great.


Kyle Paul said...

Quite unique. I would call it Jane Siberry-ish Chamber-Pop I suppose, were I to try and label her music. Winnipeg is the bowel of Canada, but Neil Young spent lots of time there, so obviously mosquitoes and 40 below zero are enough to make one stay indoors and take up music.

Mark said...

One of the things I really like about Christine is her songs are so varied in concept, theme and narrative. It's not just crappy love songs. The lyrics are as original as the music.

Anonymous said...

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