Art of Time Ensemble - Martin Tielli

I am a huge fan of the Rheostatics as well as the solo work of Martin Tielli, the band's lead guitarist and co-songwriter.  I am also a fan of the 'Art of Time Ensemble' who have been doing classical arrangements of popular music.  You might balk that Martin's work isn't really 'popular music' and I would agree.  It's too sophisticated and strange but I would argue that it is accessible to a popular audience that doesn't mind a change of signature or time.

Here is the original video produced by Justin Stephenson.

Justin and I once talked about how cool the Rheostatics' video 'Shaved Head' was as it was done live 'off the floor.  It's a great homage.

If you ever get a chance to see Martin play, jump at it.  He's a great artist and an intense performer (the other Rheos are awesome as well!).

If you're ever in Toronto check out the 'Art of Time Ensemble'.  The shows are a spectacular mix of popular and classical music.  It's an education and a profound sonic experience.

Here is ex-Barenaked Lady Steven Page doing a cover of Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android' with the 'Art of Time Ensemble'.

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