Promised Land

A little video I shot for my friend Dan Roth. I used the Canon 5d Mark II and shot with available light.

I was experimenting a little bit with long shots. I also avoided cutting the video to the beats of the song and focussed more on the rhythms of the visuals, how long each shot could hold my attention.

The 'performance' shot was shot from a boat out on the lake.


Robbo said...

Stunning stuff, Mark. Thanks for posting that. What kind of lens did you use and did you have any kind of stabilizing rig for the hand held shots?

Mark said...


I used the Canon 24mm-105mm zoom for all the daylight shots. I didn't have any ND filters so the lens was stopped down most of the time (f11-f22). This was fine as it was difficult to monitor in daylight and focus can be a problem with the camera (wide open aperture).

The magic hour shots were with a 50mm 1.8 lens.

I actually stabilized the hand held shots by keeping it on the tripod and carried the tripod by the legs. It gave enough weight that it came out quite smooth, especially considering that we were walking on a messy forested floor.

Thanks for the feedback.

Henry Brock said...

Great work Mark! It has a nice flow to it. Very impressive. I love the night shots at the fire.