Orson Welles' film of Shakespeare's 'Othello' is one of my favourite of Welles films. He made three films based on Shakespeare's work, 'Othello', 'MacBeth' and 'Chimes at Midnight'. The latter is a film invented by Welles based on the grand character of Falstaff (a combination of Henry IV Part One and Two and the Merry Wives of Windsor). In all three films Welles successfully transforms the stage plays to cinema with 'Othello' and 'Chimes' being the greatest. Both films suffer terribly from poor sound but this becomes secondary to the incredible cinematography, editing, locations and visual design.

I've always heard about a little film called 'Filming Othello' but could never find it. As one would expect, it has made it's way to youtube.

Rob Mills mentioned 'Chimes at Midnight' the other day and posted the link:

It's a shame that these films get caught up in rights disputes. It would be great to be able to access them outside of these poor internet copies.

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Robbo said...

I heartily recommend The Pirate Bay for all your "lost" film needs.