Anyone got any good ideas for re-treading old shows or movies?

This summer we are going to get smarter with a 'Get Smart' feature. 'Knight Rider' made it's way back to television this year, as did 'The Bionic Woman'. Apparently the 'A Team' is being helmed by John Singleton (?) and Keanu Reeves is going to star in a remake of 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. Not to mention the impossible task of remaking Hitchcock's 'The Birds' (because the remake of Psycho was so good).

It seems that the pool is starting to run dry. Maybe we can help here and suggest a few other forgotten gems to make sure that none of those crappy original ideas get to the big screen.

I'll start. How about 'Magnum P.I.'? But now Magnum can be an Iraq war vet... Robin Masters is now Dan Brown... TC is Muslim and Rick is gay. Higgins? Former SAS Colonel in the Falkland Islands (or Diana's chauffeur, I can't decide). Repackaged and ready to go...

(Please don't get me wrong here - I actually like the original series).


J Casual said...

I got tons of them. Mannix, The Name of the Game, Bruke's Law,and the one with real legs, It Takes a Thief.

If westerns weren't so passe, Cimmirron Strip, The Rifleman (with Chuck Connors,)Wanted Dead Or Alive and Have Gun Will Travel. (Maybe do them as space shows.)


Anonymous said...

It Takes A Thief - oh yeah.

Hell, I'm still waiting for Green Acres to come out. I was sure it wouldn't take long after they finished having a dump on the Beverly Hillbillys.

Have Gun Will Travel - in space - interplanetry Palladin - yeah, I can see that.

Johnny Quest?
Rat Patrol?
The Honeymooners? - They wouldn't dare!
Time Tunnel !!!!

Okay - now I gotta go dig through my tapes and disks - there goes my evening.

J Casual said...

Magnum P.I and Time Tunnel are in the works as movies now.

I've always thought they should just recycle MAD magazine parodies. "Magnum P.U." It think Warners owns Mad anyway.


paul said...

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea...common wolfgang peterson needs another water film under his belt.

Anonymous said...

I could see Paul Schrader's gem "Hardcore" being remade and remaining as prevalent today.

Also Flynn's "Rolling Thunder"...but it's a major returning from Iraq.

And now with the torture-porn frenzy these days, I could see "The House on the Edge of the Park" being remade. Anything by Argento, specifically "Suspiria". I could see that hitting the big screens and getting a huge female fanbase.