The Legion of Decency

There is a great quote on the back of David Mamet's critical book about the nature of the film business, 'Bambi vs Godzilla'.

“David Mamet is supremely talented. He is a gifted writer and observer of society and its characters. I’m sure he will be able to find work somewhere, somehow, just no longer in the movie business.”
–Steve Martin

Jim Henshaw is continuing his 'airing of the grievances' over at The Legion of Decency.

Last year I was working at a company when one of the fellows I was working near got up, went to the head of his department and quit. As I watched him walk out I asked his friend what had just happened. He told me that the guy had had enough and was going to become an electrician! Just like that. He quit the business in a single moment of clarity. Jim's blog might make a few more electricians...


jimhenshaw said...

Let's hope it's network Execs and CRTC Commissioners opting to change careers and earn an honest dollar.

Thanks for the kudos and the link and the reminder that even Mamet can still find the occasional job.


Mark said...

William Goldman referred to himself as a leper after he wrote 'Adventures in the Screen Trade'. Luckily memories are short and people get fired.

It's very obvious that your honesty is striking a chord.