I woke up to the chattering of the birds...

It's amazing how images from films burn themselves into your conciousness. All I could think of was Hitchcock when I woke up this morning to hundreds of chattering birds perched on my neighbours homes. I like, Mr. Hitchcock's characters, went out to have a look. I, unlike Mr. Hitchcock's characters, lived to tell about it.


Anonymous said...

My aunt saw The Birds in the theatre when it came out and the next day went into the laundry room to discover a bird had gotten in through the window. Massive freak out ensued.

Great film. Hitchcock's at his best when he just uses the images, and no dialogue, to convey plot, character and impending doom. The cut-aways to the jungle gym in the school yard as the crows gather come to mind - as does the rapid set of cuts (instead of a zoom or dolly) closer and closer to the face of the dead man lying on the floor with his eyes pecked out. Eeeeew!

Keep watching the skies.

Hugo said...
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